Hey guys! I'm Ray Hartsfield. My wife Hannah and I are the authors of this blog. Beyond writing, I am also a music teacher specializing in guitar, bass, and voice lessons. I teach classes in person (in Greenville, NC) and online via Skype or Facetime.

Music has proven to be a profound blessing in my own life -- it helps me manage the stress of daily life, it guides me to meeting new people (like my wife!), and it gives me a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. That's why I'm passionate about sharing this gift with others!

I've been teaching since 2007 and I have a curriculum that is guided by the student's needs and rooted in practical application. I want to teach you how to maximize your enjoyment in music and become the musician or singer you want to be. No experience or prior knowledge is required and it's never too late to start!

If you are curious about long-distance lessons, I can guide you through the entire setup process and give you a tour of how it works. Recent technology advancements allow you to learn a musical skill without ever leaving home! It's convenient and easy to start.

Contact me by e-mail for scheduling, rates, and other questions:

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