Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, TMOR! [Big Announcements...]

As of May 31st, this blog will be one year old. I can hardly believe it. It has been such a blessing to share our story with the world, and we've received so much support and encouragement in return. Seriously, we value all of our readers deeply, and we look forward to every comment and message. Even the feisty ones. Thank you for sticking with us and becoming a vital part of our journey.

As the one year mark began to approach, Hannah and I contemplated what direction to take next. As we've mentioned before, we have an undeniable burden on our hearts to do more. With this in mind, it seems only fitting to announce a few of our upcoming endeavors on this occasion. Here's a few things on our horizon...

We're writing a book.

There is still so much left to unravel about our journey and so many ideas to expand on. This summer, we will begin the creation of a book that elaborates on many of the themes and concepts outlined in this blog. Our prayer is that this daunting project will open new doors for our message of hope, reaching more couples than ever. We are still in the planning phase of this book, but we will post updates on this blog as they arise. We also want to hear from you -- what would you like to see us explore or expand on? Comment and tell us! But that's not all...

Our online presence is growing. Big time.

Spreading hope through the digital realm is really a unique (and challenging) experience. The internet is a frontier, and it can be a place of endless wisdom or a vessel for deception.  We want to connect with our readers in new ways, so we have established various social media platforms to adapt our message to the medium that best suits you. Check the resources page for links to our various social media pages, and don't worry, this blog isn't going anywhere.  We will be updating this regularly as we pursue these new channels of communication as a complement to the blog. In fact, we are more dedicated to the cause of healthy couples than ever. That's why we are starting this...

We are launching a non-profit organization committed to the betterment of marriages.

The public response to this blog has convinced us of one thing: marriage is desperately in need of support throughout our community. Marriages are the foundation of our society, and this institution's cornerstone has tragically fallen into disrepair. We cannot deny the calling in our hearts, so we are taking the plunge in efforts to impact, influence, and fortify more couples than ever. I encourage you to check out our new website, to learn more. The Meaning of Repentance will become one of many planks that make up the platform of our cause.

Whether you are a new visitor or a long-time reader of this blog, we encourage you to visit The Marriage Mission's website and browse the services we offer. Feel free to contact us through the site or by email, and let us know how we can best serve you. We are sold out to the cause of creating better marriages. Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Many blessings upon your newly-expanded ministry! It will be exciting to see what the Lord does through you both through these new vehicles!