Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Call to Action: The Digital Defense Pledge

It's time to take action.

This month, we will be focusing on issues of honesty and accountability. Honesty is the lifeblood of a healthy marriage relationship, and we believe that there are practical steps every couple can take to foster transparency in their marriage. As walls come down, your intimacy will grow. With that being said, we challenge you to join us in this effort to spread the agenda of accountability within marriage by taking action.

I've known far too many couples saddled with the crushing loss of trust that comes with issues such as infidelity and porn addiction. That's why we've created The Digital Defense Pledge, a five-step action plan that will help couples safeguard themselves from catastrophe. We encourage you to review it, take action, and sign it (electronically, if need be) to show your support for this. You can return it to us in-person or digitally by emailing us here.

Furthermore, we ask that you would share this page in hopes of encouraging others to foster honesty in their relationships. Perhaps this five-step plan is easy for you and your spouse -- for others, it may be extremely painful, but desperately needed. By joining us in this cause, you can help liberate couples that are burdened by the baggage of their struggles.

Throughout the month, we will be writing about related topics such as the idea of snooping within marriage, and the importance of being proactive instead of reactive in your relationships. Through this concerted effort, I hope we can equip couples far and wide to value and sow into their marriages in a new way. What if accountability went viral? What if marital honesty became a trend? We can impact the world around us by standing firm for these values.

This is a powerful and simple way to proactively take charge of your marriage. Don't wait until pornography sneaks into your home to begin battling it. Do not wait for barriers to build up between you and your spouse before you commit to honest and open communication. 

Embrace the challenge and defend your marriage
It's worth the effort.

To download the Word file, click here
To download the PDF file, click here.

(If you want to sign the pledge digitally, simply type your name and date into the appropriate area, save it, and email it to us here.)

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