Friday, August 2, 2013


   This is a lamentation for the fallen state of man.

    As I survey my surroundings, I cannot help but sometimes feel that men, in particular, are cursed.  It seems that so many marriages suffer at the hands of men. Men are the faltering spouses, the cheaters, the abusers.  We have grown so weak.

    I turn my gaze to the world instead, and I discover much of the same.  Men perpetrate most crimes, initiate and wage all the wars.  The bloodletting that this world has witnessed throughout history has mostly been the product of the male population’s conquests. Around 99% of sex crimes are committed by males.  With all of this in mind, I cannot help but conclude that we are fundamentally more flawed than our female counterparts.

   There was a time when men held the world in their hands.  Now, women are rapidly rising to the occasion and matching us in so many ways – professionally, spiritually, and politically.  This progress is worth celebrating for the females of our society, but it also highlights the clear stagnation of men.  We have grown apathetic, fattened and handicapped by our familiar sense of power and authority.

   This observation seems dismal, I know.  I ponder these ideas in hopes of finding some greater understanding of this pervasive pattern.  There’s an illness spreading through the men of our society and it’s reaching epidemic proportions.  We have fallen so far from our callings. 

    I suppose you could blame this devolution of man on many factors, both personal and cultural.  Men have been weakened by their own indulgences and by the two-edged sword of society’s expectations.  The media embraces a depiction of the married man as aloof, useless and clueless, and then scratch their hands in confusion when men become this very stereotype.  This world rallies against men and cries out in surprise when they finally fall.  

    The notion of true masculinity has been warped to a nearly unrecognizable state.  Where you find a deep flaw in the fabric of modern manhood, you also find a profound perversion of true manliness. Men are called to be defenders of justice and innocence, and instead we celebrate wanton and meaningless violence.  Men are meant to be fierce and devoted lovers, and we have been transformed into sex-crazed beasts, both heartless and mindless in our pursuits.  Fathers are supposed to be both loving and firm, and yet so many have grown silent in the face of family strife. This shade of true masculinity has overtaken our knowledge of the real thing.

This is not, however, an attempt to divert blame from the individual. No matter the cause, now is the time for every man to wake up from our collective daze, review ourselves thoroughly, and press forward to a higher goal than the vapid shell of masculinity that this dark world has placed before us.  There is a greater role for men to play in our culture, and it’s time we embrace it, daunting as it may be. I simply pray that I could have the boldness to do this myself.


  1. I agree that men today have fallen so far from where we should be. It becomes more and more acceptable to do and talk about the very things that cause others, most importantly our Father, to view us as weak and unworthy of grace. It has become more about the worldly things defining us instead of what kind of man we are according to God's standards. Being a man is harder now than ever, but the curse should be seen as an opportunity to display the attributes God has instilled in us. In the movie Spider-Man, it is said, "With great power comes great responsibility." That's so true today with the power God gives us over sin and the power of influence we have over other men around us. If we slip up with that power we can let a lot of people down around us. It's a constant battle, but so rewarding when victory is obtained. As men we have to remember that it's much more difficult to fight alone than as part of an army. Keep preaching brotha. -JT

  2. I don't agree that men are fundamentally more flawed than women; I do think we're bad as each other. I think perhaps men are more varied - there are more at the extremes of dizzying achievements and unspeakable crimes, but the average would be about the same. Just my opinion, of course.