Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This is war.

In my last post, I discussed the very real nature of every Christian’s spiritual opposition.  This portrait of the unseen struggle between good and evil illuminates my perspective on nearly everything, from marriage, to parenting, to the simple occurrences of everyday life.

Now, let me clarify my stance before we proceed with this exploration.  I do not believe that people are totally controlled by the spiritual realm; we are not merely puppets lacking our own will or motives.  We have the capacity for independent thought and action, and sometimes our actions bring forth consequences that are totally unrelated to some kind of demonic activity.  

A few months ago, I read the book Wild at Heart by John Eldridge, and in this he diagnoses a common and crippling problem for many men.  He says that many husbands wake up decades into their adult lives, drained and totally bored.  Why is this? Eldridge suggests that men have lost their sense of adventure, denying the voice within them that calls out for deeper fulfillment until it fades from their heart’s perception.


I agree with this assessment… but what’s the solution?   In the book, he advises people to embrace whatever brings them alive – hobbies, pastimes, and so forth. I believe that the real prescription for this issue is something much greater.  I am convinced that marriage is every man’s greatest and wildest frontier, untamed and rife with danger. If the spiritual realm is filled with struggle, then every home is a battleground beneath the surface.

We find ourselves fading when we lose sight of the very real warfront that takes place within each household.  As a husband, you are leading a charge against the spiritual forces that want to tarnish and destroy every family in your community.   In light of this, each man should be equipped with knowledge, internal fortitude and constant prayer to thwart the enemy’s advances.

This is war. It’s time for men to take up their arms and realize that their home is their ultimate theater of war; it is the most turbulent battlefield imaginable.  If you are married and reading this, I urge you to ask yourself in silent honesty:   

    “What am I doing to defend my marriage against the snares of infidelity?”

Do not be misguided by foolish notions that wish to distract us from the battle at hand.  Common thoughts like “my spouse could never do that” or “he loves me too much” only serve to weaken our defenses. Let us not be guided by naivety, but instead let us be vigilant for the sake of our partner.

I implore you, as a man fractured by his own failures, to consider this seriously.  Fortify your home with prayer, cling to Christ as your lifeline, and remain steadfast in love and devotion to y our spouse, especially during difficulty.  This is every man’s foremost challenge and most perilous voyage.  

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  1. I think an important point in winning the war for our marriage is to fight every battle, even the small ones, determined not to lose any bit of territory or give ground to things that erode our marriage. It's really easy compromise and cede parts of your heart, your thoughts, and your life that are meant for your marriage and your spouse. We can rationalize that this relationship, that flirty conversation, or these thoughts of what another could offer that my spouse doesn't are harmless and don't constitute infidelity or being unfaithful. But, each of them are small battles that we have to see for what they are, and recognize that each surrender adds up and gives more territory of our heart and relationship to our real enemy.